Wednesday, 12 April 2017

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Carrera and Formula One Indy 500 Limited Editions


Indy 500 Limited Editions are nothing new in the TAG world, with several having been issued over the years. These latest edition look quite attractive, particularly the Carrera. I'm really liking these latest Carreras with the 'minute' markers on the skeletonised dial. I'm still not really convinced by the leather straps though, seems like an awful lot of unnecessary stitching, which makes me wonder how resilient they'll be for everyday use?


The Carrera looks very sporty, I really love the red ring around the top sub dial and although the bezel does have INDY 500 emblazoned on it in red, because it's where you'd expect to see 'Tachymetre' it doesn't shout as loudly as it could. The Indy logo on the sub-dial is also quite small and blends in nicely with the dial overall. I must admit my reservations about many special editions are usually because of some intrusive logo on the dial, which is why I was so pleased when TAG elected to put the Red Bull logo on the back of the watches and not the front.

Damn those numerals look good, and make the watch look so different from my (original) Heuer 01. Which puts me in a real dilemma. It's hard to justify another Heuer 01, and I certainly wouldn't get rid of mine, but they look so great. I wouldn't buy this particular watch because I have no interest in the Indy 500, but when they start bringing out standard Carreras with the numerals on I'm going to be very torn indeed.

Thankfully, perhaps, the Formula One isn't quite as nice, but still looks better than majority of previous editions to these eyes. Of course, I haven't actually seen one yet, but the colour tones and the red detailing add up to a decent looking quartz piece. I'm sure these will end up in the outlets though, they always seem to, even though they don't make all that many. Might be a bit of a bargain in a year or two.

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