Saturday, 3 November 2018

SPOTLIGHT ON: TAG Heuer 6000 Series Ladies Gold Quartz Watch


During my search for another 6000 Series, I came across this ladies gold 6000 Series quartz watch on Chrono 24. Sold on what appears to be it's original white stitched, blue leather strap, the watch appears to be in pretty immaculate condition and so it might be given the asking price of almost $4000!

According to the seller, the original retail price was $15,000... I'm afraid I'm slightly sceptical about that, given that it doesn't have any diamonds or other precious stones on it and the 'full bracelet' 2000 Exclusive in 18k gold was only £12,000 when new. But who knows, sometimes products are made for specific markets and priced to that market. So it's possible a watch might only be made in gold for a certain market (eg Saudi Arabia) and priced completely out of proportion. I know the guys at Bicester had a brown dial Grand Carrera in that was made for a particular market and was priced about £2000 over what would be considered reasonable, so it's does happen.

Given the age of the watch I would imagine it's either had the strap replaced or it simply hasn't been worn very much. It certainly looks in excellent condition, as does the gold deployment clasp. The watch is quite small at 28mm, but you may be surprised to learn that this watch was also available in a larger man's version, the WH5144.FC6065 which is apparently 39mm in diameter.

It always amuses me slightly that whenever you go off searching for the more extravagant looking 6000 series models you seem to come up against something of a brick wall, it's like they've disappeared off the face of the Earth. I'm talking about the more colourful ones in particular, you may find them in the ladies versions but the men's models don't seem to come up very often. Given that a lot of men probably wouldn't want to wear them these days you'd almost expect there to be a significant glut of them available on the second hand market (and a drop in value accordingly) but since there doesn't that kind of suggests they are either in the hands of collectors already or perhaps more likely they just didn't sell that will in the first place?

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