Saturday, 3 February 2018

FEATURE: Why This Pic Could Lead to my Next Purchase...

A friend of mine forwarded an article to me the other day, which led to me reading through a lot of TAG related articles on WatchPro Site and ultimately corresponding with a great guy there called Todd. Todd sent me this photo of his 100th and 101st Daytona 500 Carrera Heuer 01s, and what a lovely pair of watches they are!

While I'm not likely to purchase a Daytona 500 model, this is a good comparison between the original Heuer 01 and the newer 'Drive Timer' version. The key differences of course are the Arabic numerals, the ceramic bezel and the leather strap and it's interesting to note how these details change the overall look of the piece.

And there's the rub, because as you collect more watches you become aware that you don't really want to buy pieces that are too similar in appearance to the ones you already have, but here with the changes they've made I think these two, though undeniably similar, are distinct enough to make it worth owning both.

This does put me in a bit of a quandary in a way, because equally I could get a Red Bull Drive Timer, which is steel and blue and so looks more 'different', but... I really like black and red, so that's a tough choice to make. Thankfully I don't have the cash available as yet to put me in the position to choose, and of course there's plenty of time for something else to crop up (and that new Formula 1 is certainly tempting), especially as Baselworld is starting very soon.

The other option, as I mentioned the other day, could be the Heuer01 with the gold lugs and hour markers, but that's a fair bit more expensive again...

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