Tuesday, 13 February 2018

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: TAG Heuer Launch the Carrera Heuer02 Range


TAG are putting the Heuer 02 movement into the Carrera, which is bound to cause some excitement, especially for those who appreciate the improved symmetry of a 3-6-9 sub dial configuration. Launching in twelve models to start with, and with a small price hike (£200 on the gold model) it's only available in the 43mm range to start with, but presumably this will be extended to the 45mm eventually...?


In a way it would be quite nice if they left the 45mm watches alone, and would give them a bit more variety and differential aside from a simple 2mm diameter change. But I would be surprised. I can see these being very popular, not least because the main issue with the 6-9-12 layout is that the brand logo has to move to the 3 position, and undoubtedly it looks 'better' at the 12 position.


The drawback though is that the date has been moved from the 3:30 position to the 4:30 position, which is okay - and to be fair a lot of people don't like the 3:30 position, but what I really don't like is that these new models have gone the Drive Timer route and dispensed with the date window...

But still, this is an improved movement, which has already created much admiration in the Autavia and I guess it can't hurt to try and import some of that 'Heuer' magic into the TAG Heuer Carreras... (don't get me started on that nonsense again).

These watches will start appearing in stores in June 2018.


  1. I like the 3-6-9 configuration so much that its actually make me hurt to "invested" so much in the 6-9-12. My only consolation is that, the new one is Heuer02 and mine one is the Heuer01

    1. Hi Otto
      I honestly don't see the 3-6-9 as better than the 6-9-12, just different. I like both equally.