Thursday, 22 February 2018

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Heuer Autavia Jo Siffert Collector's Edition by Calibre 11


First off, I'm sure that almost everyone who visits my blog is also at the very least 'aware' of Calibre 11, which is the TAG Heuer blog run by David from Time and Tide watches. But if not, then you should definitely visit Calibre 11 because not only does David post some fantastic articles and pictures but there is also the forum where you can talk yourself silly about TAG and Heuer with Hubert, Dtf, Jim Dolares, OttoWilliam, Mr JKL Foams, Elbeik and all the other fab, fun guys... and even Mr Orange. :)

So as you may remember, when the Autavia was re-issued last year it didn't really do it for me. I found the bezel appeared too thick, the numbers on the bezel too blocky and oversized, the strap and bracelet options too retro for me personally, and while the Jack Heuer edition was a great improvement, especially with a much better bezel design, it still didn't really do it for me. But then, it's a deliberately retro watch, so it's probably never going to and that's fine. I don't have a problem with TAG making retro watches for retro guys and (despite certain ridiculous comments on the forum) I don't expect every TAG to be aimed at me. However, way back last year I did mention that I did quite like the Jo Siffert dial version on the TAG Heuer Autavia from the mid 2000s (which sank without trace) and lo and behold.... here we are.

Okay, it's not quite the same as that one, but the combination of the panda dial with some subtle blue detailing really lifts this piece up way above the other versions (in my honest opinion) and is perhaps better for being less in your face with the blue. 

The watch is supplied with both the beads of rice bracelet and a black leather strap, which seems to have gone down very well on the forum. I must admit I prefer the black leather to the tan strap that most Autavias come on, but it still doesn't quite do it for me. Don't get me wrong, I think the plain black leather strap is perfectly in keeping with the retro theme but as I've already said, I'm just not a retro guy. 

Personal niggles aside, this dial is absolutely stunning and I think David did a magnificent job with this limited edition of 100 pieces. So good it seems that all 100 sold out within less than 24 hours, which is fantastic. I just hope they all went to good homes and don't start appearing on eBay at ridiculous prices, because I'm sure if the Alec Monopoly F1's can triple in value then these will easily attract a huge premium, especially as TAG Heuer have blocked their customising partner 'Bamford' from replicating this colour scheme.


Well, Hubert over at the Calibre 11 forum has pointed out that rather than TAG blocking the sale of 'Bamford' specials of this configuration, apparently Bamford reached a gentleman's agreement with David over the use of these specific colours for the Autavia. Also, apparently David has had to cancel the sale of one watch due to the customer already having tried to pre-flip it at a 50% premium. Can't say I'm surprised, but it's a bit of a shame that he has had to do that already.

You can read more about this limited edition and see lots more pics here:


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