Saturday, 28 April 2018

SPOTLIGHT ON: TAG Heuer Lady Link Trilogy Collection


On my visit to Bicester Village earlier this week, another item I spotted in the window just as I was leaving was this collection of three pieces called the Lady Link Trilogy, which comes in this very nice display box. The set comprises a 29mm diameter Lady Link quartz watch with a black mother of pearl dial, a 'Link' design bracelet and matching ring.

I'm a little confused that the part number for the set seems to be the same as the watch, that implied to me that this particular watch was only available in the set, but it is actually available on it's own (eg- Amazon). The watch looks very nice I must say, with diamonds on both the bezel and used as hour markers and the date window positioned nicely at six, giving the dial a pleasing symmetry.

I kind of assumed that the bracelet was more of a bangle when I saw it in the case, but as the picture above shows, it's a loose piece which presumably could also be worn as a necklace if the owner wanted to. I actually think the bracelet is quite a nice design, regardless of it's obvious inspiration, but the ring I'm not so sure about, it's quite a chunky looking thing to say the least and I'm not sure if it's in any way sizeable? 

It appears that the collection is also available in gold, though I don't have any details of that besides this one picture that I came across...

Google 'Lady Link Trilogy Gold' and you will literally find one result, which is the picture above on 'Pinterest'.

It looks like this collection came out in 2012, which is about the same time the Lady Link Diamond concept watch came out, when Cameron Diaz was TAG's big female ambassador, perhaps the gold set was also only made as a concept piece, it would certainly explain the dearth of information available about it.

I don't have an original list price, but if you live in the UK and you are interested in this set, it is available in the Bicester Village outlet for £3290 (and heads up, this weekend they have a 10% discount, which would push this set under the £3000 mark)...

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