Friday, 16 March 2018

FEATURE: What is it with Omega Fan Boys - Part 2

This guy...

1) Yes TAG's prices are a bit high, but, there are plenty of instances of the same movements being used in watches that are vastly different in price. Comparing a TAG with a Christopher Ward is a bit of a joke, 99% of people have no clue who Christopher Ward is.

2) Yes everybody loved the haute horlogerie pieces, and I think they should have continued. But the trickle down is probably not that effective (outside the watch community - which you acknowledge is largely irrelevant in the wider scheme of things) and those pieces, which almost no one could afford to buy, certainly don't have the same impact as a £12,000 tourbillon in your local jeweller.

3) Don't be criticising TAG for their ambassadors, when your pet brand pays an absolute fortune to be associated with a 'fictional' character.

4) Yes TAG have quartz pieces in their collection, they provide a range of products to appeal to a variety of ages and pockets. Fair enough if you don't like quartz watches, nobody is making you buy them, but do you really expect TAG to discontinue the Formula One line just to appease the watch snobs?

As I said before, this is typical Omega fanboy behaviour, going out of his way to criticise TAG for no reason, other than to pander to watch snobs who share your opinions and promote your channel.


Amazingly, the guy has responded to my comments on his channel...

Well I'd argue that in an ideal world that you shouldn't pay for brand at all but I realise that's unrealistic. I know that TAG was never basing their entire business on the haute horlogerie collection however it was still disappointing to see if get less focus. Having James Bond as an ambassador is dumb, but at least when a fictional character is promoting a brand you know it's pure marketing.


  1. Maybe its time for you to make youtube channel as well ! I'll subscribe

    1. Hi Otto
      I have thought about it, I don't have a good enough camera... but it would be a fun thing to try!