Friday, 30 March 2018

UPDATE: The TAG Heuer Enthusiast Gallery Blog

I am in the process of adding about 300 (I know I can't believe it either...) entries to the 'Gallery Blog'. This has mainly come about because I found that on Watchfinder's site they have a 'Sell Your Watch' section which has quite substantial lists and pictures of (presumably popular) models, or perhaps these are the models they have previously had through their doors?

I still have more than a hundred left to add on, which is slightly laborious to say the least... so do me a favour and go check it out. It's not immediately apparent, but if you move your cursor to the top right part of the page where the black line is, you will find there is a pop-out which enables you to view the labels. This lets you choose model ranges or even individual model numbers.

Click HERE to visit the Gallery Blog.

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