Friday, 26 January 2018

FEATURE: TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer01 CAR205A.FT6087

As my war chest continues to slowly grow, I keep looking round for inspiration. I'm at the point now where I could purchase a wide range of Aquaracers and some of the cheaper Carrera models, and of course there's always the lower end pre-owned Grand Carreras... but, right now if I had the money I think I would buy this gorgeous gold-lugged Carrera Heuer 01.

Yes, you can level the same criticism at this as I have at many other Heuer 01's, that it's too similar to my 'original' Heuer 01, but in some ways it looks like a completely different watch. For a start the gold markers on the dial pop like crazy, not something you can really say about the original version.

Also, it very much appears to have a ceramic bezel, which mine doesn't. Admittedly I'm not mad, crazy about ceramic because in my (limited) experience it seems to to be constantly covered in fingermarks, but somehow with the gold I can't imagine it any other way. It simply looks 'right'.

I'm not sold on the gold bezel version at all, this to me presents a much better contrast between black and gold, and it has just the right amount of gold and in just the right places. Giving the watch a gold bezel seems to me to detract from the face, whereas this one accentuates the face and allows those gold markers to really stand out.

If they made this with the new leather straps then that would make it even more difficult to resist, as it would distinguish it even more from the Heuer01 I already own, but I don't dislike it on the rubber (which I know is a GREAT strap). My only possible issue, is that judging by the picture above it looks like the watch is fitted with a silver buckle... please tell me this isn't so? If so, I would have to sort that out straight away, because that would be horrible, especially when they clearly have black buckles available. Still, I'm sure a dealer would accommodate me if I was willing to buy one of these, given the price tag of over £7000.

I can't remember ever really liking any other gold watch... ever, so this one is clearly something special. But as ever, it's a case of funding such a purchase, and (assuming I don't buy an Aquaracer in the near future) once I've got the funds in place, will I be able to resist the lure of the black and silver Monaco 24 or the Grand Carrera Caliper?

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