Wednesday, 29 January 2020

BUYING EXPERIENCE: Heuer: The Haslinger Collection / Bonhams Auction Hardback Catalogue

Admittedly my focus here is largely on the 'TAG Heuer' era (ie 1986 onwards), but with so much of the range rooted in historical models I can't help but have a passing interest in the Heuer era as well, even if a lot of it doesn't really appeal to me all that much.

But maybe that could change... this book is certainly a convincing place to start, featuring as it does a plethora of models including some that I actually like already such as the Jo Siffert Autavia.

The book was printed in 2010, has very nearly 200 pages and a hard cover (which is in excellent condition), I don't know if it's normal to print such a book as an auction catalogue, it seems an awfully expensive way to go, I would have assumed it would more likely be a paperback, but it seems no expense has been spared here with each watch getting its own double page spread and forewords from both Arno Haslinger and Jack Heuer.

One thing which is interesting is the guide prices, which seem awfully low considering the provenance of the pieces sold in this auction; but then in the last ten years Heuer prices have risen considerably. If only we knew then what we know now... anyway, I can't help thinking that in this instance the old adage 'show don't tell' applies, so here you are...

This is a fantastic book and I'm sure some of you are salivating at the prospect of finding one of these for your own book shelf. Surprisingly, it does seem like there are some about, there's one on eBay currently for a very reasonable £35, but if you are prepared to wait and hunt one out, or as I did - stumble across one by accident, you might be able to get yourself a bargain. I watched this for a few days on eBay at £15 and eventually bid £33 for it, but secured the lot for just £17, which I think really has to be the best £17 I've ever spent.

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