Wednesday, 13 September 2017

SPOTLIGHT ON: 2000 Series Chronograph Quartz


I spotted this watch pre-owned in a jewellers window in Lincoln yesterday. They were asking £1200 for it, though it didn't state if they had the box or papers for it. I thought that was a bit steep, but I also felt I was pretty sure I hadn't seen this model before. Sure enough, I checked my gallery blog this morning and this piece wasn't listed.

I'm guessing this watch must be something like fifteen years old and I'm pretty sure £1200 is more than or very close to the original price (but I could be wrong), a quick search on Chrono 24 threw one up for £910, which sounds better although obviously there's always a premium to pay going through a high street jeweller who presumably will have checked the watches' authenticity (?). Still if after all my searching I've never come across this one before then it's obviously not that common, and for some this silver dialed chronograph could be a dream watch.

It's quite a chunky looker, and I was half tempted to try it on... but the polished element of the bezel did have some scratches on it (I suppose it may be that the jeweller is selling it on behalf of the owner and so they don't want to spend money polishing it out) and to be honest it looked rather too much like my Aquagraph for me to seriously consider it.

But of course it's always nice to see a TAG you haven't seen before, and I was rather impressed with this one's looks. Not sure about the round Chrono pushers, perhaps because I'm used to the square rubber pushers on my Aquagraph, but I'm sure I'd get used to them... and really the main reason I didn't try it on is because I think I just might have been tempted!

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