Monday, 14 August 2017

ON THE WRIST: Aquaracer Camouflage Calibre 5


I didn't actually go looking to try this on again, I am actually in the process of trying to find a shop which is stocking the WAY208C which I am genuinely considering buying, so I looked in on Steffans to see if they had one in stock. They hadn't and it seems the watch is discontinued, though they say they can probably get one in for me.

But I really need to find one in stock so that I can make my mind up about the nylon strap, obviously I'm probably going to end up putting it on a rubber strap eventually, but I'd rather not buy yet another TAG and have to replace the strap straight away.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the WAY208D, though I really like it, I feel like I couldn't put up with that strap even for a short period. Indeed in the course of my conversation with Ford in Steffans, he took the fabric strap off and it looks markedly different. I had my everyday F1 with me and I laid it on the counter and placed the Aquaracer on top and you could see how it would look with a rubber strap - a lot better! 

My reservation is that I'm not sure if I will still like this watch in a years time, whereas the WAY208C is a lot less divisive. I'm not one for worrying about resale because I don't sell my watches, but I would be less inclined to buy the Camo watch new because I think perhaps it might end up a good bit cheaper on the second hand market, or potentially an outlet bargain in time.

I just think TAG are missing a trick not offering this on a rubber strap, but there you are. I definitely like it though, I appreciate it's craziness, and this being the second time I've tried it on I can say for sure that the appeal is growing. That strap is awful though, I can't deal with that at all.

So yes, the WAY208C is most likely going to be my next purchase...


But I really need to see it at least one more time to see if I can cope with the cyclops and whether I can get used to the idea of the nylon strap. I don't really think the strap getting grubby is a major issue, if only because this watch wouldn't get worn on a day to day basis, so it's only going to be occasional wear when I go out or something.


  1. The cyclops will be fine. One day you gonna look at your collection and found 1 cyclops is there and you will be grateful for it. Not more than one though. Anything more than one is a sign of addiction.

    1. Hi Otto
      I think I'm slowly getting used to it... and in any case I really want some sort of modern Aquaracer so I'm just going to have to get used to it aren't I?