Saturday, 4 February 2017

ON THE WRIST: Grand Carrera Calibre 17 Chronograph


TAG Heuer Outlet / Bicester Village 4th February 2017

Without a shadow of a doubt the second nicest watch I tried on today, this one was priced at just under £4000 if I remember correctly, which represents a good £1300 saving on the original sale price. Indeed the outlet was groaning under the weight of Grand Carreras on offer today, with at least seven or eight different models represented, including the yellow and red 'caliper' models and the red caliper with the rubber strap (CAV5185.FT6020).

I definitely appreciate this one and for £4000 I would definitely choose this over both the Heuer Monza 40th Anniversary* and the Senna Carrera with the tyre-tread strap. It's very light and not too big on the wrist, despite being 43mm. My only real concern was that the strap was already starting to show signs of wear, still with this kind of discount you can't really moan too much can you?

I did start thinking, well you could replace the strap with a FT6020 (assuming you can get one), but then part of the appeal is the orange stitching on the leather strap. Still I assume you can purchase replacement FC6268 straps as well (hopefully?).

I think the non-caliper Grand Carrera is better looking overall than the 'caliper' version, although I do like the yellow version with the caliper, it's a tough call, or it would be if the caliper's weren't another thousand pounds even in the outlet. And once we're up to £5,000 then it's getting difficult to justify anything that isn't a Monaco 24.

*Saw a Monza 40th the other day and it wasn't as nice as I remember it. Was rather shocked how little white was on the dial and how biege the lume looked... 

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