Thursday, 2 February 2017

SPOTLIGHT ON: TAG Heuers on eBay

My forays onto eBay usually end in disappointment, after all there's only so many pages of Formula One's that look like they've been involved in a motorbike accident you can look at before you give it up as a bad job. But I have bought three TAG's from eBay, and so far so good. One of them was too small for me (but that wasn't the seller's fault) one of them I kept for a good while before deciding that it too was too small and sold it on, and one I didn't actually buy from eBay, because I found the seller's own website and saved myself £50 in the process!

So I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find loads of interesting items being offered for sale on the world's favourite auction site... obviously I can't say if they are good deals or not, that's up to you to decide, neither can I vouch for any of the sellers, but it is interesting to see what's about. So here's a selection of items for your perusal (with links to sales in-case you are interested).

WAK2181.FT6027 Click picture to visit eBay sale.

#1. First up is a real treasure, with only 100 pieces made and sold exclusively through TAG's own boutiques this is a real rarity at a reasonable price. This one is offered for $1699, but the seller is open to offers. If you are in the market for a nice blue Aquaracer and you'd like something a bit 'special' you could do a lot worse than this one.

S99.306C Click picture to vist eBay sale

#2. Offered at a very reasonable £449 and described as mint NOS condition, this S/EL will surely find a bidder. Not too keen on the leather strap myself, but the watch itself is beautiful. I do like the S/ELs but the bracelet is a bit of a stumbling block for me as I can't quite decide if I like them or not. The Link is an option of course, but they look rather dull in comparison... 

WM1112 Click the picture to visit the eBay sale

#3. The WM112 is not a watch I know anything about, but it's certainly a looker. This one is currently offered for the princely sum of £450. Not sure if that's good or not, but it certainly looks stylish. Comes complete with box and papers and a new battery.

WK111A-0 Click picture to visit the eBay sale

#4. Here's a watch I would love to own, and I seriously thought about it at one point, but this one is exactly the same size as the 2000 I sold (and indeed that is the rubber strap I bought for mine) and therefore a little bit too small for me. Such a shame as this is a gorgeous watch, and very reminiscent of my Formula One Kirium. These don't come cheap compared to most 2000s, but even so with box and papers and in seemingly excellent condition this looks a good buy at £550.

A Calibre 11 forumite has also let me know that he is selling one of these too... CLICK HERE

WA1211 Click the picture to visit the eBay sale

#5. I would dearly love a classic Formula One, but again these are just too small for me. When I see examples like this it guts me all over again, because for £350 I would buy this in a heartbeat. But a 34mm watch would look pathetic on me, such a pity. This is being offered by a seller who obviously sells a lot of TAGs and this one has had a lot or replacement parts, including the glass, bezel, dial and strap. Nice!

CL1110.BA0700 Click the picture to visit eBay sale

#6. This watch (or maybe one similar) is one that I nearly bought many years ago, but never went through with it. I fancied this is as an everyday option so that I could save my F1 Kirium for best, but it was still the thick end of £1000 (this was in the mid 00's) and so I never pulled the trigger. 

This particular piece is being offered by Watchfinder, which should give some level of reassurance. I think Watchfinder are basically using eBay to offload watches that aren't really up to their very high standards, and indeed this one needs a replacement clasp and hasn't been cleaned since last use. At £300 it could be a bit of a bargain, but I would wonder why Watchfinder haven't restored it and sold it as normal...?

CA1213 Click the picture to visit the eBay sale

#7. What a beauty, and for once this is one classic Formula One that isn't completely out of the question. This one measures 39mm which makes it just about acceptable for those of us with a thicker wrist. However, this one is being offered at £645, and for that sort of money a critical eye is necessary. Two things immediately raise an eyebrow, firstly what is going on with the date window, and secondly, how is the case and bracelet in such good condition when the bezel looks like it's been through the wars? I don't think I would be buying this one somehow...

974.006 Click on the picture to visit the eBay sale

#8. Just to be clear, this isn't listed as a 974.006, but I've had a look through the 1991 catalogue and that's what it appears to be. Not much info available (but several pictures) but is described as being in 'great working condition'. This comes in a TAG box (certainly not the original one though) and is offered at £350 (open to offers). I rather like this one, but I suspect the bracelet/clasp might not agree with me.

WG1120-0 Click the picture to visit the eBay sale

#9. Another S/EL, with a full bracelet this time. I think this two-tone look isn't going to appeal to everyone, but if it does this appears to be a nice example, if somewhat small at 34mm...

Described as "excellant" (sic) with a few small scratches on the caseback, this one is £420 (open to offers) and the seller has 100% feedback (on 353 transactions). One thing though, the seller has kept their feedback private which to me is worthy of some degree of suspicion.

TAG Heuer Link phone Click the picture to visit the eBay sale

#10. I thought I'd finish with something a little different and off the wall. This mobile phone cost somewhere between £4,300 and £16,350 (according to this article in the Telegraph in 2011) and is being offered for sale for £400. Absolutely zero information offered, except that it's 'immaculate'. It may well be, but will anybody actually buy it? I doubt it somehow.

Well I hoped you enjoyed this article, and please remember I cannot vouch for any of these sellers. Be careful and if you are in any doubt you can always request help in the Calibre11 forum.

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