Wednesday, 1 February 2017

SPOTLIGHT ON: Formula One Quartz Watch


Here's a watch I've never seen before, until I just came across it while browsing on eBay. I didn't notice at first but this is obviously a close relative of my own Formula One (WAH1110-0) with a very similar dial configuration, except this has a carbon fibre effect dial (which isn't that easy to see in the picture above).

The bezel is actually highly polished (again you can't really see that in picture above), which I'm in two minds about. It looks quite good, but it seems to make it hard to see the markings on the bezel, although perhaps when you see it in the flesh it may be different?

This picture is from the eBay sale I found (link at the bottom of the page) and shows quite well the difference I am describing. I think I would prefer it if the steel was of a matt, brushed finish rather than the high polish. I can't help thinking it would be a scratch magnet. The one above is being sold by a pawn broker and is described as 'barely-worn'. The asking price of £575 sounds quite reasonable, given some of the rubbish you see on eBay. When I was looking for my F1 there were so many battered and bruised F1's that were being sold for £600+, although I was very lucky and secured mine for £450.

Obviously I can't vouch for the seller, although they have decent feedback, but I think if I was still in the market for an F1 I would certainly consider this.

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