Friday, 28 October 2016

SPOTLIGHT ON: Carrera Calibre 16 Chronograph Korean Grand Prix Limited Edition


Initially I wasn't 100% sure which year this particular watch came from, largely because details on this piece are very hard to come by. But after some diligent Googling I managed to find a forum post from August 2011 asking if anybody had any details on it, which suggests that it was issued in October 2010 for the inaugural Korean Grand Prix. Which makes a lot of sense I guess!

I think this is a very nice model, the blue hands and chequered dial look fantastic, as does the blue highlight on the top pusher and the blue stitching on the strap. My only reservation about this is that I've seen TAG's with blue highlights before and the company does seem relatively poor about making sure that the different elements match. Looking at the markings on this piece it looks like the blue on the pusher is a fair match for the stitching, but the hands look a completely different colour. 

It's a shame because this watch looks great and I think if I came across one of these in a TAG Boutique somewhere I would be severely tempted to buy one. But if the photos are accurate and the hands really are so much lighter in colour then I think I would leave it. That would annoy me so much that I don't think I would ever be truly happy with the watch.


As I said, details about this watch are hard to come by, but I assume it is 43mm with a glass caseback and is apparently limited to 300 pieces. As an aside, it also looks an awful lot like another special edition called the CV2A1C (albeit without the chequered dial) which has blue minute and hour hands and a plain second hand and was limited to a slightly less exclusive 400 pieces. This model also seems to have the same problem, only more so as the larger blue hands are even more obviously mismatched with the pusher, stitching and indeed the bezel.

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