Sunday, 23 October 2016

ON THE FACE: Tag Heuer Senna Sunglasses

You will rarely see me outside without a pair of shades on, even if it's not actually sunny. Like my father I am seemingly quite sensitive to light and can't bear the slightest bit of sun. I do wonder if this policy has actually helped preserve my eyesight somewhat as I am forty seven now and my eyesight is still good enough that I don't wear glasses or contact lenses. I realise it's not as sharp as it was twenty years ago of course, but it's still fine and I can read things other people struggle to read even with their glasses on.

For a good few years I've been an Oakley fan, I've got two pairs of those, one of which (Jawbone) I rate very highly. The other pair are still very good but not quite as comfortable and they don't fit me as well. I was going to replace the lenses in the Jawbone frames, but they are really expensive and when I was looking I came across these instead.

Now straight away I have to admit that these came from eBay (and cost about £110), so they 'could' be fakes, but if they are they've gone to a lot of trouble. These come with a box, a pouch, a warranty card and a cleaning cloth and the lenses had various stickers on them (including one of Senna's signature' which I stuck on the glass of my watch cabinet (very small and subtle and very cool).

The build quality is excellent, they really do feel like a quality product and the lenses are super clear as well, just like the Oakley's (which makes me think they are genuine). When I first had them they did pinch my head just a bit after extended wear, but they seem okay now. I do have a massive head, so it's probably not something anyone with a normal sized head need worry about!

I do think the yellow highlights really make these shades something special, I absolutely love them and though they aren't quite as nuts as the Oakley Jawbones they have a bit more class to them without being dull. They do have 'TAG Heuer' and Senna's signature in the very corners of the lenses, but it's very subtle and doesn't look obtrusive or brash.

The Oakleys are pretty mental looking, though I have been known to 
wear them with a Panama hat (and a Slayer T-shirt, at the same time!).

I don't know what the proper list price of my shades is, but I guess it would be way over £200. I don't know if I would pay that for them, or for any other shades really.. but for what I paid for them I am very happy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

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