Wednesday, 21 March 2018

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Carrera Heuer 01 China Space Exploration Limited Edition


Limited to just 100 pieces, this 43mm Heuer 01 Carrera has been released to celebrate TAG Heuer's partnership with the Chinese Lunar Exploration programme... not quite sure if it is actually called the 'Hidden Side of the Moon' or if that's a little joke at Omega's expense?  I wonder if it comes in a box the size of a small car....

Anyway, looks like a titanium case and a ceramic bezel, so far so ordinary, but then there's that dial. Sandblasted anthracite apparently, which I must admit does look pretty neat. Then there's that yellow pusher detail, which may not be to everyone's taste (I like yellow on watches so count me 'in') but seems to join with the red one on the top pusher to recall the Chinese national flag.

The back of the watch has a clear caseback, but with half of it covered over with some sort of lunar landing vehicle, which is pretty neat as long as you don't want to get too good a look at the movement. Still I'm guessing the likely buyer for this might potentially already own some sort of Heuer 01 so probably not a big problem.

Generally speaking I'm still finding it a little difficult to warm to these new solid dial Carrera's but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I think the black gold (?) sub-dial edges work really well with the anthracite dial, as opposed to the more normal silver coloured ones which seem to jar a bit - mainly because they are so thick.

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