Thursday, 22 March 2018

SPOTLIGHT ON: TAG Heuer Link Oracle Racing Edition


Many times I've stressed the importance of 'seeing' a watch, it's amazing how many times a promising photograph can lead to disappointment, or a uninteresting photograph can turn out to be something worth persuing. So when I came across this photograph (above) a couple of weeks ago while browsing on eBay, I perhaps should have known better than to get too excited straight away. For the most part I've never been that keen on the 'Link' range, in fact I much prefer the old S/EL models - they just seem to have a bit more character, but this one really grabbed my attention and I was seriously interested in purchasing it (this was before the whole Aquaracer buying frenzy, obviously!).

However, once I started doing my homework, something quickly became apparent which completely changed my mind. And that was simply that the dial, despite looking white in the picture above, is actually silver, which to my mind completely ruins the effect!

I mean it's okay, but the red hand and regatta countdown stripe look so much better red on white than red on silver... don't you think? Speaking of the regatta stripe, I'm a little confused by the markings on this watch. Usually regatta watches have a five minute countdown, which can be displayed in many inventive ways (especially on Louis Vuitton watches) but this appears to have a ten minute one (the markings on the rehaut) so my guess is that the red hand does the countdown and the red stripe gives you the last twenty seconds on the last revolution. Something most of us won't probably use but something to play with all the same...

If I remember correctly this watch was on sale for about £1150, and it looked in immaculate condition (this seller only seems to sell watches that are in excellent form), and it's so nice to see a Link that looks really unusual and different, but I just wish the dial was white not silver.

This watch was limited to 1500 pieces and a company called Milton's Diamonds currently have one for sale for £1399, should you be interested.

There also appears to be a black dial version, but I'm struggling to find out anything about it... I do wish TAG would paint in the numbers on the Link dials, they always look cheap and unfinished to me.


  1. I recently purchased an unworn, mint version of this watch and it is a beauty-but you're right all the images are misleading as the face is silver rather than brilliant white. The red markers and second hand still ping beautifully against the face though and it's a really nice piece. Finding a mint, unused version, all sealed and intact was a mini-miracle. I have never seen that black face version before, it looks gorgeous. The red hand and the sub dials are different to the silver version too- but does this version exist anywhere?? That's literally the only image that seems to exist.

    1. Hi
      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message, much appreciated. You were very lucky to find a NOS one of these, I must say I think I've changed my mind about the silver dial, it's probably better than a white dial would have been. The black dial version seems pretty hard to pin down, I'm in the process of buying a similar model - CT1113.BA0550, which is also pretty cool. Maybe not quite as cool admittedly!