Thursday, 22 March 2018


Ace Jewellers have posted this.... 'watch' on their Instagram today (which I'm not sure they should have actually, but hey-ho... that's their problem, not mine), and they asked the question 'Yay' or 'Nay'. I can only hope, that this is a one off that TAG have made to gauge feedback, because clearly the answer is 'No, No, No - Jesus Christ Jean Claude what the HELL ARE YOU THINKING?'

The Calibre 7 Formula One wasn't the best looking watch in the world, but it was okay, what's more it was cheap. As I recall, when I reviewed it I was somewhat thrown when I realised that it was in fact automatic, since the price led me to believe it was in fact quartz.

The Automatic F1 GMT - Currently selling for £1650

But the fact remains, it's dial looked a lot better than this flat, featureless, boring mess... and unless TAG are selling this for well under £3000 (not on your nelly) then they are seriously taking the piddle. An Autavia case doth not cost that much more than a Formula One case to make I'm quite sure... perhaps it's £1500 extra for the case and £1200 extra for the ceramic bezel (assuming it is ceramic?)

Wow, I'm quite shocked by how BAD this is, and I can't see why anyone would choose this over the Carrera Heuer 02 GMT.


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  2. I find your reviews / criticisms quite entertaining considering your more than average so-called collection.

    1. Hi Watchurstyle
      Glad you are enjoying my blog! And thanks for leaving a comment, it definitely gives me a boost to hear from my readers.