Sunday, 11 March 2018

SPOTLIGHT ON: Aquaracer Automatic Chronograph CAF2113


It's amazing how you can stumble onto things on eBay that you've never seen (or perhaps) noticed before. I was searching for the elusive CAF7103 just now and happened upon someone selling this watch in unworn condition for under £1000. This seems something of a bargain given that it's an automatic (though I don't know which calibre it uses - I'm guessing Calibre 16 given the dial layout).

It's funny that I haven't noticed it in a way because usually my attention is grabbed by anything with a colourful second hand and this one has not one but three orange hands. The case is 41mm (so a little smaller than my recently purchased Chronotimer), but that's still a decent size and it does have a lovely dial.

I really like that it doesn't have a cyclops as well, that's definitely a bonus as far as I'm concerned, and indeed if I wasn't pretty much stuck on getting that CAF7013 Aquaracer then I might have been tempted by this.

A quirky little feature I've noticed is the N.E.S.W. markings on the bezel, I don't know how much use that would really be, but it looks quite cool and to be honest at first glance it just looks like a tachymetre. 

I must say that now I've finally got an Aquaracer, I'm quite enamoured of the case and I particularly like these ones with the black bezel inserts. I've seen lots of pictures of these before and they definitely live up to their promise, to be honest I think I prefer them to the newer Aquaracer models, they seem to convey a more luxurious feel somehow.

I'll post the link to the eBay sale below, as always I can't vouch for the seller and I have no connection with them. But it looks a great deal for somebody (just not me at the present time!).

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