Tuesday, 18 September 2018

SPOTLIGHT ON: TAG Heuer 2000 Exclusive 18K Solid Gold Watch


If you had say, £6500 to spend on a TAG Heuer, what would you buy? I don't honestly think I would blow it on this 18K solid gold 2000 Exclusive, but I must admit I do kinda like it. A few weeks ago I probably wouldn't have said that, but since I got my WN1153 two tone 2000 Exclusive, I've really taken to it and it's not difficult to make the leap to wondering what it would be like if the whole thing was gold and not just the bezel and some small parts of the bracelet.

Obviously there's more to it than that, this watch also has chronometer certified automatic movement in place of my quartz, but it's the solid gold bracelet and case that really pushed the list price up into the realms of the slightly ridiculous. That said, Fellows have sold one of these at auction (although I can't find a date) and it sold for £6,635.20, so it seems to hold it's value better than most TAGs. I suspect though, that the value of the watch is largely determined by the price of gold, as I noticed on a youtube video that the vendor pointed out that the watch was worth a lot of money as scrap, never mind as a rare timepiece.

The case is also slightly larger than mine at 39mm. 2mm might not sound much but it puts it into that sweet zone where you can stop worrying about it being just a little bit on the small side, and with the case and bracelet being made of 18K gold, you can bet this watch is going to feel quite substantial on the wrist.

I've seen this one advertised as 'The Wolf of Wall Street' watch, which it isn't... in fact if you've read Jordan Belfort's book you will know that he actually wore a Bvlgari, quite why that was changed I don't know - but I'm guessing Leonardo DiCaprio had something to do with it since he was a brand ambassador at one point.

I do really like this watch though, but you've got to really love it to want to spend £6500 on one. For that sort of money you could have a nice Calibre 11 Monaco, or a ceramic Heuer01 Carrera. But I guess this watch has it's place and perhaps being 18K gold puts it into a different ballpark when it comes to value retention... it's certainly not something you're going to come across every day, and not everybody wants a blue dial Calibre 11 Monaco after all.

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