Saturday, 21 October 2017


You may remember my recent post about my visit to Cheshire Oaks and my subsequent email to TAG about the excellent customer service I received from Joe. Well, first off I got an automated reply and then an email from someone thanking me and telling me they had forwarded my email to the relevant department. Truth be told I didn't really expect to hear much more, after all TAG Heuer is a big company, I just hoped that the message would get back to Joe's boss and of course to Joe himself. However, the very next day I got a very nice email thanking me for taking the time to write and telling me that Joe was very pleased with my email.

It further transpired that TAG were aware of my blog (and of course the Calibre 11 forum) and I was told that there was something in the post for me to thank me for my loyalty to the brand. I didn't really know what to expect, I thought maybe a cap, or a mug, I really didn't have a clue...?

The next day I got home to find a card from the post office saying they had something for me, but it was too late and so I had to wait another day to get my parcel. Inside I found a box wrapped up in TAG Heuer wrapping paper (secured with TAG branded tape!) and when I opened it I found a black box with the TAG Heuer logo on it. I still didn't have a clue what it was, so I opened it and found that they had sent me a very nice TAG Heuer travel case.

I really didn't expect anything like that, and I really love it. It's beautifully made and very clever in it's design. The watch cushion is held in place by four press-studs which disengage reasonably easily (but not too easily, obviously) to enable you to remove and fit the watch. Once refitted inside the watch is held very securely and I would have no concerns about using this to transport any of my watches. Indeed I will probably take this with me when I go to Geneva next year to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary.

I'm not entirely sure if this case is (or has ever been) commercially available, I've certainly never seen it for sale and since TAG seem to be discontinuing all their accessories I presume this won't be available for much longer either (?). If anything, this now really makes me want a TAG wallet, so I might have to take a trip to Bicester pretty soon and get myself one, and maybe a belt as well!

So I have to say a huge thanks to Carly at TAG Heuer for a lovely gift and for taking as interest in my little blog, it's very much appreciated.


  1. Wow i envy you ! I always want one of those portable bag for the watch !

    1. Hi Otto, I am a lucky boy! Thanks for your support through the first year.

  2. Beware of buying a watch on They sell grey goods, the watchmakers warranty is void and the watchmaker can not assure you when buying from them that the watch is new or genuine. The website while pretending to be owbn by, Inc is actually owned by Tranik Enterprises, Inc. In 2005 They specifically filed to change their legal name from, Inc to Tranik Enterprises, Inc.

    Here is a question you need to ask yourself: What valid reason could a business have for changing their legal name to something entirely different and then continue to use their old business name, and not list their legal name anywhere on the website, documents, or anywhere, anyone can find it.

    Before buying checkout and read the complaints on the better business bureau:

    Read about the guy who thought he was buying a new Rolex watch but it came missing all stickers and AW refused to take it back.

    Here is AW’s response “Client claims to have received timepiece in a condition other than what was advertised. At no point in time was the timepiece advertised as "new" nor "brand new". At no point in time was the timepiece advertised to come with factory stickers.”

    There are many more horror stories on the BBB and other site. Just spend a few minutes searching before you buy. Buyer beware!

    1. Hi
      I have never used this company myself, I've always found their website to be very flaky, everything seems to be available 'within 3 months' for a start. Having said that it seems a lot of those problems seem to be water ingress related which is a notoriously problematic area for watch buyers..