Tuesday, 31 October 2017

FEATURE: Common or Garden TAGs at Hilarious eBay Prices!

Like many people I suspect, usually when I look on eBay for watches I filter the results to see the cheapest watches first. After all, there's only so much I'm prepared to spend buying watches from Ebay, and generally speaking I see it more as a place to find bargains than somewhere to buy a tourbillon!

But for some reason yesterday I decided to search the dearest first, and I was surprised at some of the ludicrous prices some people have the balls to ask.

One that caught my eye immediately is a watch that I've looked at before, and that is the Formula One Calibre-S.


You'll be deliriously happy to find out that 'InfiniteShopping' have two of these available for the frankly astonishing price of just £4375. Compare that with Joma Shop who show a list price of $1750 and were selling them for $1275...

Now admittedly, Joma Shop is out of stock, but come on. £4375 is a joke. Not to mention that if you buy in the UK you will have to pay import taxes! Thankfully 'InfiniteShopping' do offer 'free' shipping on this watch, perhaps even they didn't have the brass monkeys to push it any further?

I think this is a pretty cool model, but I'm sure if you really wanted one and you looked hard enough you could find one for a much fairer price than that.

Next up we have a women's Aquaracer with ten diamonds on the dial. No diamonds on the bezel mind, just the hour markers (excluding 12 and 3 where the date lives). At a guess I would imagine this would cost somewhere between £1700-1800, and indeed you can buy this very watch on Amazon.co.uk (via Chronostore) for just over £1000 (although admittedly you might want to read the reviews first!)


But if that sounds a little cheap for you, then why not buy the exact same watch on eBay from '1771cohen' for a much more luxurious £4585.19?

Where are they getting these prices from? Is anybody actually paying them? Surely the quickest of searches would show up the fact that these people are severely taking the Michael...

Another one that stood out to me was this 500m Aquaracer, which 'Gioielleriacampus' are offering for £5211.64.


I think the reason this one stood out is because I've seen this many times in the outlets for less than £2200 (and as low as £1750 once in Cheshire Oaks), as it is 'Montredo' are offering this same watch for £2999 and pre-owned dealer Watchfinder are out of stock at present but they still show the full list price as £3450. It's not like this is some super-rare watch that demands a £1700 premium, so who is willing to pay this I just don't know.

Finally, our friends at 'InfiniteShopping' have another 'bargain' available... (2 available in fact!), that being the TAG Heuer Connected for the incredible price of only £4480.


Brown's Family Jewellers (based in Yorkshire) are offering this same piece for £1050, which is £50 lower than the full retail price of £1100.

I mean seriously, common sense tells me they can't be selling, and yet... you have to wonder? Maybe people who aren't familiar with watches and their values might just see an item and think 'I love it - I'm going to buy it', and maybe if they are so easily parted with their money then they deserve to be ripped off?

As for me I think I'll go back to searching 'cheapest first'...

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