Monday, 16 October 2017

The TAG Heuer Enthusiast Gallery Blog

If you haven't already been, don't forget to visit my 'gallery' blog (just click on the Monaco 24HR in the side bar), here you'll find more than 1280 pictures of TAG Heuer models from the start until the current day. This is an ongoing project and is by no means complete and if you know of anything that is missing please help me by leaving a comment with any information you have (especially part numbers). When I started the gallery blog I had no idea what I was taking on, TAG have made a huge number of pieces over the last 30+ years and I wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't even half way to having them all. I think David at Calibre 11 reckoned there were over 4,000 catalogue numbers that he knew of...

Pretty much every time I go looking I find something I've never seen before, just the other day I discovered a special edition 'Rugby World Cup' Aquaracer with an English Rose on the dial, of course eBay also throws up many new finds and I've also learned a lot from the Calibre 11 website and in particular the 'Limited Editions' thread on the forum too. Why not pay that a visit too?

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